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Die Set Explanations


Pacesetter 3 Die Set

Use these dies if you want to produce factory dimensioned ammo that reliably fits and feeds in any gun. They are the first choice for semi-auto actions. Full-length sizing is a must if you are reloading for more than one firearm or reloading cases that were fired in others firearms. Includes a full length sizing die, bullet seating die, factory crimp die, shell holder, powder dipper and load data. This set is recommended for assembling ammunition for hunting purposes as the finished rounds chamber easily and can withstand rough handling of the firearm action.

Pacesetter 2 Die Set

Same as above, but production quantities are lower. This set consists of a two die set which includes a full length steel sizing die (requires case lubrication), bullet seating die, shell holder, powder dipper and load data.

Collet Die Set

Use these dies for best accuracy, longest case life and no resizing lubricant. Only the neck of the case is resized the body is untouched so it retains the perfect fit to your guns chamber. Cases should have been fired in your firearm only and reloaded rounds are intended for use in just one firearm. These dies are the favorite of the bench rest crowd as there is no other die that can produce a more accurate cartridge. Includes the Collet neck sizing die, dead length bullet seating die, shell holder, powder dipper and load data.

This set is designed for assembling the most accurate ammunition but is not recommended for hunting rounds as the case is neck sized only and the bullet is not crimped in the case.

Ultimate Rifle 4 Die Set

Includes both the full length sizing die (requires case lubrication) and Collet neck sizing die, Easy adjust dead length bullet seating die, Factory Crimp Die, shell holder, powder dipper and load data.

This is essentially a Collet die set with the addition of the steel full length sizing die and factory crimp die so that one can prepare newly acquired cases for the first firing in the rifle.

RGB 2 Die Set (Really Great Buy)

Comes as a standard two die rifle set that contains a full length sizing die and a bullet seater die. This set is designed to meet a tight budget and contains only the dies.

Pistol Carbide 3 Die Set

Carbide handgun dies contain the carbide sizer, the powder through expanding die, the seater/crimping die, a powder dipper, shell holder and load data. The seater/crimper die applies a modified taper crimp and eventually a roll crimp negating the need for a separate taper crimp die.

Deluxe Pistol 4 Die Set

Includes our popular three die carbide handgun die set explained above plus the addition of our Lee Carbide Factory Crimp Die. This additional die has a carbide ring that post sizes your case ensuring that your loaded cartridge will fit into the chamber of your gun. Additionally, the degree of crimp is determined by the finger adjustable crimp knob on top of the die. This die is meant to work in conjunction with your bullet seating die as it has no provision for seating the bullet itself.

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