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Easy X Expander

Easy X Expander

All Lee full length rifle dies now feature the new Easy X Expander. This new expander differs in appearance from the original in that it is tapered.

The new expander pulls almost effortlessly though the neck and is designed use the maximum mechanical advantage of the bottom of the press stroke. Like the original, if the expander hits an obstruction, it pushes harmlessly through the decapping clamp which holds it in place. The shank is so strong that you can actually remove stuck cases by loosening the decapping clamp and using a drift punch of the same diameter to knock the case out of the die. The new design also aids in reforming dented or squashed case necks.

The Easy X Expander has been produced for some time and many dies already have them. If you would like to ensure you have one, check your recently purchased full length die set. If the Expander is not tapered, Lee can send the correct one. The Easy X Expanders are $3.00 each, plus $4.50 Shipping & Handling. Contact Lee Precision.

It should be noted that the following calibers use a handgun decapper and they do not expand the neck of the case.

30 M1
38-55 Winchester
375 Winchester
45-70 Government
44-40 Winchester
444 Marlin

  Lee Collet dies do not and never have used an expander.

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