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Liquid Alox With Non Tumble Lube Bullets

Liquid Alox with Non Tumble Lube Bullet Designs

Will using Liquid Alox on a non-tumble lube designed bullet provide enough lubrication to prevent leading and higher pressure? You can use liquid alox on any type of bullet – it doesn't have to be a tumble lube design.  Just don't try to completely fill the lube groove with liquid alox, because it will result in an over-lubricated bullet that will never dry completely.  A light coat is all that is necessary for most pistol cartridges, two light coats are better than one heavy coat if your application requires more lube.  A 45 ACP bullet at 775-825 fps only requires a light coat, similar to what you would find on a 40 round nose 22 long rifle bullet.

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