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November 2011

                                   NOVEMBER 2011 NEWSLETTER

Robin and I would like to congratulate the S.L. Cardinals on their World Series Championship and thank them, the T. Rangers and ALL the other teams for an exciting October of baseball. World Series Game 6, WOW! Truly unforgettable!! Okay, no more excuses, time to get the yard ready for winter and prepare for DEER HUNTING.

Load Master Primer Feed Update:

Lee discovered the need for a slight revision to the new primer feed design for the Load Master. This new system was introduced this August. Lee contracted me at my day job to revise the tooling that produces the parts. I shipped the revised tool back to the molder on Monday the 24th. On Friday the 28th I learned that the revised versions were being assembled and tested. On Monday the 31st Lee released the new revised primer systems into circulation. I have already heard great things from a few of our customers that received early warranty shipmets of this revised version. When Lee redesigned the old system they eliminated the issue of crushed sliders when the operator does not follow the press cycles closely. The sliders were designed to be the weakest link in the system to prevent damage to other more costly functions of the press when the operator does not finish a press cycle and then starts a new one. The old sliders did their job perfectly however users complained about having to replace these sliders when the press handle was not pulled all the way down and pushed all the way back to the top to reset all the mechanisms to the start position. The new design eliminates all this but it created another small problem that did not show up in Lee's testing. It was an easy fix once we were aware of the problem. Watch for 90381 and 90383 in our "Service Parts" category, these will be the revised version.

We are truely enjoying all the friends we have made through Titan Reloading and look forward to many more. Feel free to contact us. Service and Support is our top priority. I have a day job so the best time to call for support is between 6-10 PM CST. I am able to answer emails throughout the day. Robin can take your service calls daily and will pass any support questions she can't answer on to me. As always, you will find many answers to questions in the "FAQ" and "Help Videos" areas of our website www.titanreloading.com

Dennis / Titan Reloading

NEW IN 2011:

Lee's "MODERN RELOADING Second Edition"

****2011 Update****

Learn how you can reload ammunition that is more accurate than factory ammunition on your first try.

The Hardcover Second Edition of MODERN RELOADING is a summary of a lifetime of experience by Richard Lee. No matter how knowledgeable you are, you will find new and interesting information in this book. It's a reference book you will keep forever.

OVER 26,000 LOADS in a new format, with velocities for starting loads. This the best kind of load data–it is supplied by the powder companies.


NEW, EASY WAY to precisely measure both strength and hardness of cast bullets.

EXCLUSIVE PRESSURE AND VELOCITY factors enable you to accurately calculate pressure and velocity for reduced loads. An absolute necessity for cast bullet shooting.

A NEVER BEFORE PUBLISHED in depth analysis of current load data. It gives you an insight into the effects of reducing or increasing a charge.

EASY TO USE cast bullet strength chart shows maximum chamber pressures for cast bullets.

HUNDREDS OF CAST BULLET LOADS many useful charts and important rules about priming.


Author: Richard Lee

Publisher: Lee Reloading

Date of Publication: 2011

Number of Pages: 719

Manual Summary:

The second edition has the following added or updated information:


Four hole turret press information

Neck Expanding

Deluxe pistol die set

Gunpowder safety

Measuring pressure

Matching bullet metal to chamber pressure

Brinell hardness test

Bullet testing

Powder burn rate chart

Muzzle loading information including bullet casting

Chapter on 21st Century reloading


Includes load data for Remington Ultra Magnum, Remington Short Action Ultra Magnum calibers and Winchester Short Magnum calibers.


Custom Full Length Sizing Die Sets

Lee Precision works hard to supply reloaders with everything they need to reload ammo successfully. If you shoot one of the many great calibers in the world that are rare, you know how hard it can be to find the supplies needed to support it. It would not pay to mass produce dies for these caliber however Lee does offer custom services on many of their product lines. The following are the terms for Custom Full Length Sizing Dies.

Full Length 2 Die Set for Rifle calibers include a Full Length Sizing Die and a Bullet Seating/Crimping Die. The charge for the Full Length 2 Die set would be $177.00 ($130.00 setup + $42.00 dies + $5.00 S/H) for each die set.
*For cartridges up to .555 base diameter or 2.850" case length.

Large Series Full Length 2 Die Sets include a Full Length Sizing Die and a Bullet Seating/Crimping Die. The charge for the Large Series Full Length Die sets are $415.00  ($300.00 setup + $110.00 dies + $5.00 S/H).
* For cartridges over .556 base diameter or 2.850" case length.

Full Length 3 Die Sets for Pistol calibers include a Full Length Sizing Die, a Bullet Seating/Crimping Die, and a Powder Through Expanding Die. The charge would be $197.00 ($150.00 setup + $42.00 dies + $5.00 S/H) for the die set.

Carbide Full Length 3 Die Set are for Pistol Calibers ONLY and include a Full Length Sizing Die, a Bullet Seating/Crimping Die, and a Powder Through Expanding Die. The charge would be $277.00 ($230.00 setup + $42.00 dies + $5.00 S/H) for the die set.

For all of these custom die sets, Lee would ask for payment in advance, five fired cases, and three sample bullets for testing purposes. Current lead time for Custom Full Length Die sets is around 10 weeks.

Lee will waive the set up charge if 25 or more of the same caliber die sets are ordered at the same time.

Please send your Custom request to:

Lee Precision, Inc.
4275 Highway "U"
Hartford, WI 53027

info@leeprecision.com / 1-262-673-3075

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