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November 2012

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                                   NOVEMBER 2012 NEWSLETTER

Robin and I have been very busy this month. Our move to the new facility went as planned, thanks to the incredible help of our kids. We just finished the third week at our new location and we are already experiencing the many benefits of a larger work environment. And now…..on to the fun part…..the Showroom! All of the work is done on the room itself. We will be setting up the displays over the next few weeks and are on schedule to open the middle of this month. Watch the website for a definitive announcement on the opening.

HEADS UP Bench rest shooters and Lee Collet Die users. This month's "Featured Product" is truly the greatest new idea since "sliced bread" and "rock n roll". The Consistent Crimp will definitely change neck sizing and crimping from an art to a science allowing for exacting results down range.

We are truly enjoying all the friends we have made through Titan Reloading and look forward to many more. Feel free to contact us. Service and Support is our top priority. As always, you will find many answers to questions in the "FAQ" and "Help Videos" areas of our website www.titanreloading.com

Dennis / Titan Reloading


The Revolutionary New
by Precision Accuracy Co.


Every once in a great while someone comes up with a new product that completely revolutionizes an old technique. This is most definitely one of those new products and our friends at Precision Accuracy Company, LLC are the innovators that have changed the process of neck sizing and crimping forever. For many years reloaders have known that neck sizing a chamber formed case is the most accurate method to reload and that their brass will last a lot longer when only the neck is being resized. They have also known that the consistency of the ammo from round to round was a matter of developing the right feel for the lever pressure being applied during the neck sizing and crimping process.

That is until now!

The new "Consistent Crimp" handle utilizes a micro-click torque wrench that mounts on the press along with the original handle. The torque wrench alerts the reloader both audibly and by feel when the desired pre-selected lever pressure has been achieved during the neck sizing and crimping stages. The torque wrench can be set from 5-75 ft.lbs. of pressure and is fully adjustable in 1 ft.lbs. increments. Reloaders can now quantify the neck sizing and crimping pressures in foot pounds to systematically test and develop the optimal setting for the best results downrange of any round. These settings can be accurately reproduced every time, even after caliber changes on the press. You just simply dial in the handle.

Kits Available For All Of These Presses

Lee Breech Lock Challenger
Lee Classic Cast
Lee Classic Cast Turret 
Hornady 50 BMG
Hornady Lock and Load
           RCBS Rockchucker
RCBS Turret and Special 5


The results of the Consistent Crimp are extraordinary:
1. Produces quantifiable crimp pressure in Foot Pounds.
2. Controls exact neck sizing every time with the Lee Collet Dies.
3. Makes consistent crimps load after load utilizing the Lee Factory Crimp Dies.
4. Allows you to return to any specific crimp pressure even after die adjustment or die swap.
5. Saves you money-Don't be so quick to blame the powder, the bullet or the weapon when it could be the wrong crimp pressure.
6. The fact is, if you are not using the Consistent Crimp- you are just guessing.

We reloaders measure everything else in the reloading process, both to optimize downrange performance and to be able to consistently reproduce these results. The crimp pressure is also a variable that can now be measured and recorded to develop the optimal recipe for a round. Whether you are roll crimping, taper crimping or using the Lee Factory Crimp die the Consistent Crimp will give you the control you have been seeking over your crimps and ultimately your group size and location.

The Consistent Crimp has an interchangeable tool head that allows the Consistent Crimp to be quickly attached and detached from the press. This means that a single Consistent Crimp can be used on several presses. There are also Adapter Kits available for all of today's popular presses that enables the reloader to use the same Consistent Crimp handle on all of the presses on the bench.





Collet Die Pressure Exertion

All of the sizing in the Collet die takes place at the very end of the stroke, when the ram/shell holder appears to bottom out against the base of the die. If you lean into the handle at this point, you will force the collet up into the die body, and cause the collet to squeeze the case neck down against the mandrel (the very end of which pops out the spent primer). About 25 lbs. of force is sufficient to re-size most cases. If you are sitting in front of your press, just leaning your upper body weight into the lever is about right.

A good way to determine how much is necessary is to start the case into the die and feel the die remove the primer. Start using pressure and work up to what you think is about 25 lbs. Remove the case from the die and attempt to place the intended bullet in the case neck. If there is little or no resistance, repeat the process with slightly more pressure. When you have reached a point where there are vertical striation marks on the outside of the case neck or the intended bullet does not fit easily into the case neck, the correct amount of pressure has been achieved.

The first two paragraphs above are not this month's "Insight". They describe the proper setup and usage of the Lee Collet Dies that reloaders have employed for years to develop the most accurate ammo available. The real "Insight Of The Month" is actually this month's "Featured Product", the revolutionary new Consistent Crimp. With the Consistent Crimp micro-click torque handle mounted on your press you no longer need to develop the proper handle pressure "feel" because the handle is fully adjustable from 5-75 ft. lbs. in 1 ft. lbs. increments. This allows you to quantify the exact handle pressure needed for any caliber to develop the tightest groupings down range. Once the desired handle pressure is known, the Consistent Crimp will repeat this by simply adjusting the handle. The new Consistent Crimp will change the art of neck sizing and also crimping with the Lee Factory Crimp Dies forever.

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