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Pro 1000 Primer Seating Problem

Pro 1000 Primer Seating Problem

Primer seating depth is non-adjustable on the Pro-1000, so if primers are not seating all the way, it is either because the shell plate carrier is not seated all the way down onto the ram, or the bench is flexing when you press the handle all the up. As you know, the Pro-1000 seats the primer at the bottom of the carrier stroke, when you press the lever all the way up. Apply firm pressure to the lever and watch the top of the press. If you can see the press move as you push on the lever, the bench probably needs to be stiffer.

Also look under the shell plate carrier, at the point that it mounts to the ram. The end of the ram is turned down in diameter where the shell plate carrier slides on, and the shell plate carrier should be pushed all the way down over this section. If it isn't, loosen the pinch bolt, slide a block of wood or screwdriver handle between the shell plate and the turret and press the shell plate carrier down onto the ram as far as it will go, then retighten the pinch bolt.

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