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Pro 1000 Priming Problems

Pro 1000 Priming Problems

If your primers are not seated deep enough you are probably not lifting hard enough on the lever of the press or are trying to put rifle primers in pistol cases. Primers are seated at the bottom of the stroke one has to be certain to lift hard enough on the lever to assure complete primer seating. You will quickly learn to feel if a primer is present and seated to the correct depth. If you don't feel the primer seat correctly STOP raise the carrier a 1/2 inch and remove the shell. Stopping is important because continued processing will dump a powder charge into the case. If no primer is present the powder will pass through the flash hole and into the primer feed.

If you are having primer tipping problems it is likely caused by the Zero adjust not being set properly. Failure to set the zero adjust properly will cause the primer to catch the underside of the shell plate and cause tipping.

It is essential that the zero adjust be set properly so that the index mechanism advances the shell plate fully to the next position. Confirm that the index zero is set properly by placing the shell plate carrier at the bottom of the stroke ( carrier down) take your finger and try to rotate the shell plate clockwise (the opposite way it normally turns) there should be no freedom of movement clockwise if there is rotate the zero adjust screw a fraction of a turn clockwise. Make adjustments clockwise only on the adjust screw if you go too far on the screw continue to turn the screw clock wise until the ball detent snaps it into position plus an additional 3/4 of a turn. This additional turn is important.

If primers are not feeding at all this is likely caused by gun powder in the trough or under the flange of the primer pin. Clean the primer trough by blowing it out with compressed air. (a soda straw works) clean the powder from the primer pin flange by raising the carrier to the mid stroke position and activating the case sensor with your finger now pull down and rotate the primer pin back and forth with your thumb and fore finger. This will work out any gun powder from under the primer pin flange. After you have cleaned the trough and pin you should test by filling the primer feed and cycling manually. Place the carrier in the mid stroke position and activate the case sensor as if a case is passing. A primer should feed onto the pin. Push up on the pin and remove the live primer. repeat until you are sure it is functioning flawlessly before proceeding.

Special note: If you get oil in the primer trough it must be cleaned completely to allow free primer feed. Remove the trough and clean with dry tissue paper or rinse while on the press with electrical contact cleaner.

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