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Perfect Powder Measure on a Turret Press

Perfect Powder Measure on a Turret Press

The Perfect Powder Measure is designed to charge rifle calibers that are larger than the throw capacity of the Auto Disk powder measures. It is fully automatic when mounted on a Load Master progressive press using the Universal Charging Die 90273. As a case is raised up into the die the powder measure actuates to drop a charge and as the ram is lowered the powder measure is reset to the fill position as it is attached to the press ram by means of a chain. The Perfect Powder Measure works in the exact same way on a turret press except the measure must be reset to the fill position manually. This is because the measure rotates around in the turret making it impossible to attach a chain to the ram. The powder measure must be setup on the press in only one position as shown in the pictures found in our HELP PICTURES ( Click Here and Scroll Down). Note that in the drop and fill positions the adjustable powder vile of the powder measure is directly toward you as you stand in front of the press.

With the powder hopper removed you can see that the drum body and lever of the powder measure are located on the backside away from you at 45 degrees.

To clear the Safety Primer Feed as the turret rotates around the powder measure must remain in the drop position until the powder die rotates above the case. This is when you manually flip the lever on the powder measure and reset it to the fill position. Now raise the ram to drop the charge and leave the measure in the drop position until it comes around for the next case. The powder measure bumps the Safety Primer tray slightly as it rotates by but I like that as it jiggles the primers to prevent them from wedging against one another.

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