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Load Master Tipped or Missing Small Primers

Load Master Tipped


Load Master Primer Ledge in Carrier to be Cleaned

Load Master Primer Ledge in Carrier The arrow points to the ledge that needs to be clear of any debris to allow the primer pin to drop down all the way.


Auto Disk Over-Travel Fix

Auto Disk Drop Tube 1Auto Disk Drop Tube


Auto Disk Powder Leakage Fix

Auto disk powder measure

Remove Hopper and Disk to file or sand the tops of the 2 risers.

Auto disk powder leakage fix

Put a layer of scotch tape on top of the disk and carefully file or sand the risers.


Properly Installed Adjustable Charge Bar

Adjustable charge bar


Titan Micro Charge Installation

1. The “Drop Bar” goes on first with the raised round portion around the hole inserted down into the drop hole of the powder measure.

Titan Micro Charge Installation


2. The “Micro Disk” fits over the “Drop Bar” with the actuating lever of the powder measure engaged into the slot on the bottom of the disk in the same way that the standard disks do.

Titan MicroCharge - Disk Assembled


Micro Charge Cavity Sizes in Cubic Centimeters

Micro Charge Cavity Sizes in Cubic Centimeters


Perfect Powder Measure on a Turret Press

Turret Press Front View Drop PositionTurret Press Top View Drop Position

Turret Press Front View Fill PositionTurret press top view fill position

Turret Press Top view fill position no hopper