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Auto Disk Powder Leaking

Auto Disk Powder Leaking

The only powders that give the Auto Disk Powder Measure problems are Accurate #5, Hodgdon H-11 or Winchester 296. All three of these are very fine ball powders, and can get between the disk and the hopper. The fix is to order the Pro Auto Disk update it. 

If your measure is leaking with any other powders, it’s most likely because of excessive clearance between the hopper and the disk. As with all mechanical devices, enough clearance has to be built into the device to allow movement of the components. If you are experiencing leakage, one fix is to reduce the amount of clearance between the hopper and the disk by carefully sanding down the risers that the hopper is mounted to. Place a disk between the risers, with a piecce of scotch tape on top, and use a file or sandpaper attached to a flat surface, and file/sand until contact is made with the scotch tape. CLICK HERE to view pictures of this procedure.

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