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May 2021

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                                   MAY 2021 NEWSLETTER

What’s Your TITAN Advantage?….WE RELOAD!
***Your Reloading Specialists***

This month I would like to point out a few features on our website that will help you navigate quickly to the products you’re looking for and also calculate the shipping costs for an order.

The first feature is the “Search” engine located on the upper right corner of the website. With this tool you can search for a Lee part number which will result in the item’s listing appearing below the “Search Criteria” for selection. Click on the listing picture to go directly to the listing for ordering. If you are not sure what the part number is you can also search by item name (i.e. powder funnel, dies etc.) and then scroll through the items that appear on the lower portion of the page for selection. When you search for an item name everything related to that product will appear. A great way to narrow down the results is to type in a caliber (i.e. 223, 30/06, 45 ACP etc.) which will produce all the items related to the caliber. Be sure to select “All Categories” in the field below “Keywords” so the whole website will be searched.

The second feature is the “Site Map” located at the bottom of the “Information” area on the left side of the website. The Site Map shows the category structure of our website on one page and allows you to go directly to any category on the site with one click of the mouse. Most of the RED text on our website (except page titles) are actually links that when “Clicked On” go directly to the subject of the text.

The third feature is the “Shipping Estimator” located on the right side of the website below the “Search” and “Shopping Cart”. Add all the items you want to order into the shopping cart and then, rather than going to checkout, select your Country, State/Region and Postal Code in the shipping estimator and click “Estimate”. This will return the cost of shipping and the results are displayed directly below the Shipping Estimator. Depending on the size of your screen, you may have to scroll down to see these results. If you are logged into your account you must clear the shopping cart if you choose not to order. If you are not logged into an account you can simply abandon the shopping cart and all will be cleared.

The final feature is for the many friends we have made all over the world. Located directly below the Shipping Estimator on the right side of the website is a “Translator”. With this tool you can select from many languages and convert the entire website to that language.

We are truly enjoying all the friends we have made through Titan Reloading and look forward to many more. Feel free to contact us. When possible, please email us rather than call. Due to our limited phone system and staff we are able to respond to your questions quicker via email. Please include your full name or order ID number with any order inquiries. Service and Support is our top priority. As always, you will find many answers to questions in the “FAQ” and “Help Videos” areas of our website www.titanreloading.com . Check us out on YouTube .

Dennis / Titan Reloading



Lee Safety Prime Small and Large Primer Feeder

Now Includes the new Folding Primer Tray

Makes priming on the press a delight. Never touch the primers from box to shell. Primer flip tray features a CAD designed flipping surface that instantly rights the primers. Change primer size in seconds. Primers are dispensed with a satisfying click of the primer feed trigger. Use any brand of primers because the priming operation is remote from the feeder. Works on all presses 2006 and later that have the Lever Prime System (LPS).

Lee Safety Prime 90997 is a new priming system for both small and large primers, never touch the primers from box to shell.  Used with 2006 and newer Breech Lock Challenger Presses, Turret Presses, the Classic Cast Turret Press and the Classic Cast Press.

NOTE: Lee Auto-Disk Powder Measure Riser (sold separately) is required for installation of this Safety Prime on all Turret Presses.

Material: Plastic


The Load Master Indexing Adjustment

There are two common causes for the Load Master to not index correctly. The easiest to check is the case ejector. This is a chrome plated part just under the black knurled nut that holds down the shell plate. There is a “tail” on the case ejector that prevents the shell plate from turning clockwise as the indexer is pulled out of the shell plate carrier. Make sure the end of this tail is bent down so that it drops into the holes in the top of the shell plate (if it doesn’t, bend it with a needle nose pliers). It is important that when placed onto the square fitting on the carrier, that the case ejector not be able to move at all in a rotary manner. If it does, this would allow the shell plate to move in a clockwise manner which will cause index problems.

The other is carrier misalignment. Sometimes a difficult index causes the whole shell plate carrier to rotate on the end of the ram, rather than just the shell plate. This pulls the indexer away from the ramps cast into the frame that normally operate the indexer. The fix is outlined on the last page of the instructions, under “Alignment of the Carrier to the Turret”. Basically what you are doing is loosening the carrier on the ram so that you can turn it clockwise (looking down from the top of the press) a degree or so, to bring the indexer closer to the frame.

While the directions contain more detail, loosen the draw bolt on the bottom of the ram of the press until the carrier is loose. Raise the ram to a point that the round portion of the flipper on the end of the index rod is against the protruded rib on the frame of the press. Ensure that the index rod is in towards the carrier as far as it will go.

From the front facing the press, pull slightly on the case feed ramp so that the round part of the flipper on the index rod is flush with protruding rib on the press frame. Holding the carrier in place, re-tighten the draw bolt to about twelve pounds of pressure. This means using about twelve pounds of pressure at the end of the handle of a one foot socket wrench or about twenty five pounds with a six inch socket wrench. It is important to hold the carrier tightly in place while tightening the draw bolt, if not done, the carrier will move counter-clockwise under the torque of tightening the draw bolt.

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