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Tipped or Missing Small Primers

Tipped or Missing Small Primers

If your small primer system has an "A" on the bottom of the trough you do not need to follow this procedure because the flash condition has been fixed in the tooling for the slider.

If you are experiencing tipped or missing small primers on the Load Master using the black primer trough assembly it is likely caused by a small flash condition on the slider. The flash is so small it is difficult to see without magnification. Remove the flash by breaking the corner of the slider as shown in the pictures. "CLICK HERE TO VIEW PICTURES" Use a sharp razor knife to make the trim. Flash in other areas of the slider is of no consequence and need not be removed.

For those of you who are interested, the reason this small flash causes this problem is that during the transfer from the trough to the pin the small primers are pushed through the radius pocket of the slider and is stopped by the flat portion of the slider and a bump in the trough. As the slider advances the primer returns to the radius of the slider and is deposited neatly onto the pin.

With the tiny flash present when the primer slider advances the flash pushes on the top sharp edge of the primer causing it to tip ever so slightly and to bind the primer between the bump in the trough and the slider. It may bind to the point that no primer is dispensed or cause the slider to hesitate and snap into position resulting in a tipped or inverted primer.

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