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EXCLUSIVE Lee Powder Through Expanding Die

Lee .38/40 Steel 3-Die Set

Only Lee Dies permit charging the case while expanding the case mouth. Every Lee 3-Die Set includes this Powder Through Expanding Die at no extra cost. The powder funnel adapter can be replaced with a Lee Auto-Disk Powder Measure for fully automatic powder charging while the case mouth is being expanded.

Please note: Lee dies size to minimum headspace so your brass does not get over-worked and maintains accuracy. If you have issues chambering sized cases in your antique firearm, you may send in your sizing die along with 3 fired cases for a headspace adjustment. There is no charge for this service.

*We have seen a discrepancy between the SAAMI chamber specification, which our dies are based upon, and the chambers found on the Uberti replica rifle chambers. The replica chambers have a neck that is approximately .040″ longer than SAAMI specs. We have taken our dies and shortened them this .040″ and found they will work satisfactorily.


Steel Full Length Sizing Die

Bullet Seating Die

Powder Through Expanding Die

Universal Shell Holder

Powder Dipper


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