ACME 44 Cal 200 Grain RNFP Coated 500ct.


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ACME Bullet Company

.44 Cal. 200 Grain RNFP 500 ct.
.430″ Diameter
Brinell Hardness 16

ACME Bullet Company manufactures 44 Caliber 200 Grain RNFP (Round Nost Flat Point) hard cast bullets.  These lead cast bullets are ready for reloading as they are sized to .430 and coated with Hi-Tek Coating.  ACME bullets are made from certified 92-6-2 lead alloy with a Brinell Hardness (BHN) of 16.  All cast bullets are shipped in a unique reusable wooden box.

USE:  Cowboy Action

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Weight 15.54 lbs
Dimensions 2.70 × 8.45 × 5.45 in


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