Hornady 6.5mm (.264) 100 gr ELD-VT™


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6.5mm (.264) 100 gr ELD-VT™

Item #26103 | 100/Box

Bring trophies home and send varmints packing with the new ELD-VT™ bullet from Hornady. Incorporating years of ballistic research, ELD-VT™ pairs the aerodynamics of a low-drag match bullet with the light weight and high velocity of a varmint bullet. With its unmatched accuracy and explosive fragmentation, ELD-VT™ picks up trophies as fast as it drops varmints!

The Hornady ELD-VT™ bullet is here to redefine your varmint hunting and shooting pursuits, offering unmatched accuracy, rapid fragmentation, and the confidence to take on any challenge– from long-range varmint hunts to long-range competitions.

Product Features

Heat Shield® Technology

ELD-VT™ bullets incorporate the Heat Shield® tip, which resists the effects of aerodynamic heating. They retain their shape to maintain the lowest drag over their entire trajectory.


A testament to an unwavering commitment to excellence, AMP® bullet jackets provide unrivaled consistency in concentricity and thickness, ensuring every ELD-VT™ bullet performs at its peak.


The Hornady ELD-VT™ bullet isn’t just about hitting the bullseye – it’s about making a statement when it gets there. Upon impact, the polymer tip drives rearward through the large air gap and into the bullet core, causing rapid and dramatic fragmentation, even at low velocity.


Born from a culmination of years of ballistic research, the ELD-VT™ pairs the aerodynamics of low drag match bullets with the lighter weight of a varmint bullet, giving the ELD-VT™ a level of uncompromising dual-purpose performance. Say goodbye to compromise, as this bullet’s match-winning accuracy and rapid expansion will set new standards.


Long, sleek, match bullet profile with reduced core-to-bullet length ratio maximizes muzzle velocity and moves the center of gravity rearward which enhances aerodynamic performance.




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Weight 1.68 lbs
Dimensions 4.125 × 2 × 2.125 in


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