Hornady Primer Pocket Uniformer Large


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Hornady Primer Pocket Uniformer Large

The Hornadyᆴ Primer Pocket Uniformer is an essential piece of reloading equipment that cuts primer pockets to the correct depth, and squares the bottom of the pocket in relationship to the case head; they also clean out built up carbon residue from previous firings. Uniforming primer pockets is an important step in precision reloading as variations in the seating depth of primers can change how the firing pin strikes the primer producing inconsistent ignition. Uniform ignition is one of the key elements for developing precision ammunition. The Hornady Primer Pocket Uniformer is threaded 8-32 to work in Hornady Lock-N-Loadᆴ Case Prep units, or installed in universal accessory handles.Cuts primer pockets square and to correct depth

  • Cleans out built up carbon residue
  • Eliminates variations in primer seating depth
  • Produces uniform ignition for precision accuracy
  • Threaded for Hornady Lock-N-Load Case Prep units
  • Also compatible with universal accessory handles

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