Redding Match Grade 3BR Pistol Metering Chamber

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Match-Grade Model 3BR
Pistol Metering Chamber

Fits 3BR Powder Measures ONLY

The Match-Grade Model 3BR Pistol Metering Chamber was created to be the ultimate powder measure… “out of the box” match ready! This metering chamber will convert the Universal Metering Chamber on your 3BR powder measure to drop small charges for pistol calibers.



A special mechanism is used inside all Match-Grade and Competition Micrometers to eliminate backlash and take up all the minute tolerances in the screw threads. The parts canメt work loose and are fully self-adjusting. It will even compensate for wear in the years to come. Your setting is guaranteed to be precise and exactly repeatable.


Pistol Metering Chamber charging range approx. 0 to 10 grains

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