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EasyDial Small Bar

  • EasyDial Small Bar

EasyDial Small Bar

  • Brand: EasyDial
  • Product Code: EZDialSM
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  • $68.95
  • $59.95

EasyDial Small Bar

A Precision Powder Adjustment Dial
for the Dillon Precision Powder Measures

The Powder Bar in the picture NOT INCLUDED

The EasyDial, is a dial that offers precision micro powder adjustments to the Dillon Powder Measure. The EasyDial will fit the large, magnum, small, or X-small powder bars for following Dillon presses; Square Deal, 550, 650 and 1050. This EasyDial is designed for the Small or X-Small charge bar. A calibration spread sheet is available; once calibrated to your powder and bar, dial setting to desired powder charge is much faster. Email to request the spread sheet. Always follow safe reloading practices; the EasyDail is not intended to replace the powder scale, always confirm the powder weight after any setting changes.

The EasyDial Features:
Easy installation; NO GLUE or permanent modifications
Easy to use; has a large 0.9” diameter adjusting knob
Easy to read; has a large dial face with 0.1” tall numbers
Easy to set Dial lock; helps prevent accidental adjustments or movement

EasyDial Precision:

  • Micro adjustments; 0.0004" per division Dial
  • Dial divisions; 100 per turn
  • Repeatable powder adjustments; within 1/100th of a turn over 10 turns
  • Absolute powder bar position, to easily and accurately return to a favorite powder charge setting
  • Smooth feel and operation

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