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RL 550 Casefeeder
Small Pistol / 220 Volt

An automatic casefeed system, similar to the one used on Dillon’s commercial-grade Super 1050 machine and the XL 650, is now available for YOUR RL 550 series press! You simply dump a quart of cases into the hopper and turn it on. The motor-driven disc fills the case feed tube, a micro-switch shuts off the motor when the tube is full, and automatically restarts it when low. This case feeder only works for the handgun calibers listed under the casefeed caliber conversions. Rifle cases are too tall to feed with this system.

This casefeeder includes the small pistol case feed plate, appropriate for cases smaller than 38/357 and 10mm/40 S&W. These would include .32 S&W Long, 9mm, 38 Super, etc.

NOTE: This casefeed requires a caliber specific conversion kit.
The cost of the casefeed caliber conversion kit is separate from the 550 casefeed system.
CLICK HERE to select an RL550 Casefeed Conversion Kit

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Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 13.375 in


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