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Lee Six Pack Pro

Includes:  Six Pack Reloading Press, bin and bracket, Primer feed (large and small) and universal case feed magazine.

*Does not include Lee Bench Plate

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Weight 16.8 lbs
Dimensions 18.75 × 11.5 × 11 in

2 reviews for LEE SIX PACK PRO

  1. Brock Serre (verified owner)

    I have been reloading for over 15 years utilizing every type of progressive press. For the price and craftsmanship, you cannot beat the six pack. I’ve loaded over 2000 rounds and only had one primer issue. Hats off to Lee engineers they got it right this time. I would recommend this product to anyone that wants to start reloading progressively without spending thousands of dollars.

  2. MARK TOLLIVER (verified owner)

    I have been reloadingvsince 1987. I started out with a Lee single stage press then I moved to a Lee 1000. I next moved to the Lee Loadmaster. I had always felt that the priming system was the Achilles heels of the Lee AP presses. When primer prices went from 3 cpp to 10 cpp I took notice. I bought a new Lee single stage press and did all case prep including priming on the single stage press. At a dime a shot I couldn’t afford to waste primers. When the 6 Pack came out I was excited so I got one ASAP.
    WELL LEE HAS FINALLY DONE IT 100% RIGHT. Well OK 98%. What I like you can seat primers on the shell carriers downward stop position. This means you can feel the primer seating. There is an engraved line on the pin that rises through the case plate carrier. Once this line is slightly over the surface of the case carrier plate you have fully seated your primer. Six stations Hell Yeah!! Means I can add a powder COP, Auto bullet feeder and factory crimp in one press BOUT TIME!
    What aint 100% yet, don’t cycle the press with no cases and a full primer tray. Invariably a primer is going to get dislodged in the case carrier plate. Don’t run a case with no primer through the AP unless you have a full primer tray. The primer seating pin will get stuck in the shells empty primer pocket. Make full complete strokes only or trouble will find you.

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