MEC 600 JR. MARK 5 .410GA. 3″


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MEC 600 JR. MARK 5
.410 GAUGE 3″

#1 Shotshell Reloader in the World!

  • Time-tested excellence is built into this single-stage reloader featuring a quick, simple operation with minimal effort.
  • Load four to six boxes per hour.
  • The 600 Jr. Mark V is adjustable for 3″ shells. Die sets are available in all gauges.

Value and reliability

Look no further than the world’s #1 selling shotshell reloader – the MEC 600 Jr. Mark V!


  • 11/16 oz. Charge Bar
  • Bushings #10, #11 and #12



  • Press Type: Single Stage
  • Gauge: .410 Bore
  • Shell Length:  3″ factory setting, can be adjusted to 2 1/2″
  • Frame:  Steel
  • Priming:  Built in
  • Loading Rate:  approximately 150-200 shells per hour
  • Gauge Conversions:  Yes



  • Cam-action Crimp Die.
  • Spindex Crimp Starter, swivels to align itself correctly with original shell creases.

NOTE: This reloader will reload steel shot shells. To convert to steel shot kit #8433 is necessary. Do not use components designed for use with lead shot when loading steel shot shells.

NOTE: A special steel shot charge bar must be used when loading steel shot. Do not use charge bars designed for lead shot when loading steel shot shells.

NOTE: The 285 CA primer feed upgrade not available in .410 bore.

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Weight 17.25 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 17 × 23 in