PrimerSense Low Primer Sensor


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PrimerSense Low Primer Sensor

The PrimerSense Low Primer sensor takes the guess work out of your loading operation by alerting you when you are low on primers mechanically. The Mark 7 unit already has a programmable stop due to low primers that you enable from the included tablet. Install this mechanical unit and you are double protected from running out of primers and spilling powder all over your shell plate.

This unit installs in moments with the included hardware and rides underneath Dillon’s audible primer sensor. When that unit goes off, PrimerSense will also be enabled and it stops the machine at the end of the stroke. You will then see a note on the tablet to refill your primer tube. A must-have for people that want full protection from running out of primers which can ruin your whole reloading session. Covered under the Mark 7 exclusive warranty.

* Shown with optional audible alarm – usually supplied with the 1050 machine itself.

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