Redding Model No. 2 Powder & Bullet Scale


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Model No. 2 Powder & Bullet Scale

Designed and manufactured with the utmost attention to accuracy and sensitivity standards. The Model 2 scale includes a magnetic dampened beam swing for extra fast readings plus, hardened and ground knife edges ride in precision milled stainless steel bearing seats that will not crack, chip or lose their alignment.


  • 505 grain capacity
  • 1/10 grain accuracy.
  • pour spout pan.
  • simple two counterpoise system.
  • 1/10 grain over/under graduations.

The graduated plate at the beam pointer is marked in 1/10 grain increments for easy reading of over or under
charges. This eliminates the need to move the counterpoises to check powder charge variations.

REDDING invite you to test the Redding Model 2 Scale!
Put it side by side with any competition re gardless of price.  Using tweezers, drop one or two granules of powder into the pan and watch the scale beam pointer react, then do the same with our competition. Next, zero the scale properly and move the small 1/10 grain counterpoise 3/10 grain. Watch the scale beam pointer move to an indication of -3/10 grain. Try this with our competition. Every Redding scale manufactured is individually tested and adjusted to U.S. Bureau of Standards Approved Master Weights, and guaranteed accurate to less than 1/10 grain!

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