Redding Turret Stacker


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Redding Turret Stacker

Redding has developed the Turret Stacker, storage system for the T-7 reloading press. It allows the user to store multiple turret heads (2 or 3 depending on die height) complete with dies adjusted and in place along with their corresponding bushings. The system concept uses multiple spacers which allow the individual user to set the correct spacing of the turret heads based on the dies inserted. Standard die sets take less space but competition die sets with their micrometer adjustments require a greater spacing. The spacers allow decapping pins to be protected from damage from dies below, when properly stacked. A number of spacers of different thickness are included.

The Turret Stacker storage system features an anodized aluminum base in Redding Green along with a blued steel, stacking spindle. The base is supplied with non-skid feet which can be removed revealing holes at each corner is the owner prefers to mount the unit with screws to the bench.

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